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Strong enough and smart enough to let go.

Ever just wanted something to work so badly and it just doesn’t?

Well that was the last time we will be talking. Thank you.

Its nearly impossible to find someone these days who actually gives a fuck about you and your feelings. And when I say nearly impossible I mean impossible. Its like theres no one out there who just wants to spend all their time with you, who wants to spend hours on the phone with you, who wants to leave the house with you and find something new to do. Everyone just wants to talk.. Im tired of talking. Im tired of getting to know you through text messages. I can text a thousand people and know nothing about any of them. I just want someone to come around and pick me up and scoop me right off my feet and be everything I ever wanted. And I honestly don’t want a lot. I just want someone who wants to talk to me, who actually cares about how my day is and how work was and wants to just chill with me. What am I doing wrong that I cannot find that anywhere? I feel like no one cares about me. it makes me pretty freaking sad.


I love your affection.
I love being looked at as if I’m the most beautiful girl to you.
I love the happy moments and positive vibes with you.
I want that feeling for the rest of my life.

Just stay.

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