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Strong enough and smart enough to let go.

I wish I got a crazy SAT score so I could shock everyone, including myself.

My parents are not rich & they’re living a comfortable life and they do whatever they can to make sure my siblings and I have whatever it is that we want and need. I cannot thank them enough for all that they have and continue to do for us.

I guess this whole senior year thing is really hitting me because I am extra sensitive about everything. Especially when I’m realizing that the people around me are changing every second. What’s gonna happen when we go away to college? What if I do end up in California, which is thousands of miles away. What’s gonna happen? It’s scaring the shit out of me. I wanna go back to a year ago, when my best friend wouldn’t even put her hand on a blunt or be around the smell of weed. Or when my sister was at post and she would call me everyday with an update. Or when me & ari were close. Or when Mye actually gave a fuck that we spoke and hung out all the time. What the fuck is happening? I feel like I’m losing everyone.

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